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There are around 2 million mobile app development Chicago within the App Store and a couple of .2 million apps on Play Store and a few alarming statistics show that only 25% of the downloaded apps are used once in six months.
Too many, too right, too lost
To highlight the irony of the various applications available within the various app stores, an ad campaign created a slogan – “there’s an app for that”. There was a phase until quite recently where the productivity and recognition of any platform was defined by the amount of mobile applications available in its market place. This had led Microsoft’s marketing strategy to draw in more number of mobile app development Chicago for its Windows Phone platform in order that it could quickly hit the 1 million mark! BlackBerry lost out on the race thanks to its hesitation to blend in with the gang and though it made a valiant plan to salvage things by making its immensely popular BlackBerry Messenger available on the Android and iOS platforms, the appliance lost its charm within the face of the humungous crowd following of WhatsApp.
Enkode Technologies is one among the mobile app development Chicago that are considered because the pioneering software development agencies, especially for startups. Their primary goal is to assist startups through the challenges of application development in an ever-changing and constantly upgrading market. The Enkode team prioritizes product-market fit confirm that the client’s product hits all trajectory goals with none kind of overdevelopment mobile app development Chicago.
Zwiffer Inc. are often your all-in-one resource when it involves innovative mobile development services. the corporate is predicated in Chicago, the team at Zwiffer Inc. designs and develops most powerful mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and more platforms. They believe that exceptional applications only come from an excellent process, and that they pride themselves in their customized blueprint process.
This mobile application development company is predicated in Chicago and was founded within the year 2009. Vokal may be a mobile and digital agency with around 50 professionals who believe smart working. Their team focuses on web design and application development, and digital product consulting services. Vokal has also helped many industrial distributors in building their mobile apps and software products while managing the engineering aspects.
LaunchPad Lab may be a mobile app development firm that delivers innovative solutions to its clients that help businesses in growing through the means of the online and mobile platforms. Their clients include budding startups, non-profits organizations, and even Fortune 500 companies. The team of LaunchPad Lab focuses on using advanced technology expertise to assist their clients in exceeding their business goals mobile app development Chicago.
The problem with any new phenomenon is that folks go overboard, so for each 50 new applications that are launched on the app store, could also be one are going to be successful. By May 2015, over 54,000 applications were submitted for release on iOS App Store. However, not all applications have features or functionalities that entice the user’s interest. Smart devices also are becoming sophisticated with integrated technologies like NFC, high resolution front and back cameras, smart device integration among other things. So, consumer expectation is additionally undergoing an excellent deal of sophistication and it’s imperative for mobile applications to adapt to those rising expectations.
For instance, iOS 10 will accompany HomeKit, which opens a good avenue for home-based iBeacon applications for manoeuvring the varied household electronics appliances. As just in case all products, only an application that adds value to the user’s life survives the brutal competition. an honest quality app, with a fresh perspective and new features will had best and gain traction. Value could also be entertainment, novelty, creates a requirement where there wasn’t one, gives logical use of latest technologies among other things. Industry experts, mobile app developers and app mobile app development Chicago reiterate that app quality and value remains the first factor for fulfillment . Any new app that doesn’t surpass the edge is sure to fail.

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